Our vision is to see Christian leaders empowered to expand the Kingdom of God through reproducing leaders and providing the church with relevant answers to current challenges in a postmodern culture.
Our mission is to empower ministerial students with tools to equip them to address current leadership challenges and effectively expand the church by facilitating leadership multiplication strategies, coaching them in research skills and methods, and inspiring them to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
With the rapidly growing numbers of new believers and churches throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, there is an urgency for established Christian leaders to receive Fresh Empowerment so they can prepare new leaders, gain the tools they need to discern today’s church culture and the secular environment, and to be motivated towards church growth and Kingdom building. We are all about delivering Fresh Empowerment to ministerial students and leaders through relevant and Spirit-filled teaching and training initiatives. We believe Fresh Empowerment is essential for catalyzing the church multiplication process so that as many more people as possible may come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  
Goal 1

To empower emergent and established leaders so that they may be inspired to be filled with the Holy Spirit as well as equipped with adequate tools to tackle contemporary ministry issues.

Goal 2

To apply biblical principles to complex issues that the Church confronts and strive to inspire students to seek the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Goal 3

To facilitate the leadership reproduction process.

We work as professors at the Assemblies of God Latin American Theological Seminary. We work in 11 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. We travel to teach intensive three-week modules. We teach and train pastors and leaders who are at the forefront of the Latin American- Caribbean national churches. We are training more than 700 leaders in the Lord’s work. They are post-Bible institute students studying at the Master’s level. The majority of our students are themselves Bible institute teachers and administrators; others are national leaders and senior pastors. They are responsible for training the more than 20,000 much-needed new pastors, because in our part of the world thousands are coming to faith in Christ every day!